19 year old from Nova Scotia Canada that LOVES Taylor Swift's music :)

So my friends still don’t understand why I am a Swifty so I’d like to bring y’all on a trip down memory lane!

When I was a kid I was constantly bullied so I ended up changing schools. In grade 6 life was great but the bullying started again in grade 7 and I was just done with everything! Around that time I spent hours crying in my room and trying to find something that would make me happy since life wasn’t doing that. 
After a few weeks I found a beautiful young lady singing a song called “Tim McGraw”! The song instantly made me happy and taylorswift became my go to for happiness! She was there when I lost my best friends in grade 8 and 9, her music was there when I started High School & University, when I went on my first date, when I had my first kiss, when I was happy, mad, angry or sad! Taylor was always there!

I’ve had the opportunity to see Taylor in concert 8 times since 2010 and she is the reason why I made my first trip to Nashville and the reason why I now want to become an artist manager!

If it wasn’t for taylorswift I don’t know where I would be but I know I wouldn’t be a business student, I wouldn’t have joined my amazing sorority, I wouldn’t have my 13 tattoo (that makes me smile every morning) and I wouldn’t have all the friends that I do today! I am forever thankful for the impact that Taylor has left on my life and that is why I am a Swifty and why I will never ever ever! Like Ever leave Taylor’s side!! #Swifty4Life

TBT to that time @Taylorswift’s dad drove up to me in the Gillette Stadium parking lot, asked where I was from, gave me guitar picks and gave me and a few other fan’s life advice regarding staying out of trouble! I totally did take Scott’s words to heart and I thanked him for raising my idol Taylor so well :)

That time I made Light up leggings for @Taylorswift’s Charlotte NC Show and Kenzie and I went coated in lights and I got to High 5 Taylor and cried!! I don’t know what i’ll do if i meet Taylor but I feel like i’ll either cry/not be able to talk or I’ll say Thank You 1989 times!

Laughing at how me and @Taylorswift know what FOMO it while everyone else is Googling it!! 

@Taylorswift if you come to Atlantic Canada during the 1989 tour I will go to every Atlantic Canada show, the Gillette Shows, the Toronto shows and every other show I can find a way to!! I Really want to meet you during this tour!!

I’m Just gonna Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake, Shake it off! Shake It Off!

taylorswift Shake it off is my jam! This was the video from the 1st time i heard it!

That time I High 5’ed taylorswift in North Carolina and had the most hilarious freakout and my voice cracked :P 

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Polaroids taken at the Pizza Party held at Taylor’s apartment after the world wide live stream, 8/18/14 (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)


So I should be writing a paper that’s due at midnight but instead I’m trying to learn how to actually use this Tumblr thing!! I’ve had it for a while but never used to use it and now taylorswift is learning how to so I feel like i should too hahaha! I’m going to reward myself with Tumblr breaks after I finish my Micro OB paper and then again after I finish my COMM 2293 paper! 


People who don’t like Taylor Swift are really missing out.

I Totally agree! @Taylorswift is amazing <3

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